Sentinel MN is a Veteran Owned Small Business that identifies, tests, and sells what we consider to be top line gear.  We focus on the best Optics, Suppressors, and Firearms to start with, then offer potential buyers the chance to compare them side by side to decide for themselves.  We're not the trigger pullers anymore, so we want to give them and you the opportunity to see what actually works in your hands and separate reality from hype. 


Our Experience: 

Our collective experience in the Military includes 1st Special Forces Group,  82d Airborne Division, 1st Ranger Battalion, 2d Marines, and 19th Special Forces Group;  Combat deployments In the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central America, and elsewhere; Our combined Training includes SOTIC (Special Forces Sniper School), USASOC Sniper Competitions at Ft. Bragg,  Ranger School,  SERE, JFK Special Warfare School,  and many other courses.   We enjoy the outdoors, shooting, and staying active.  One thing we don't enjoy however is wasting time or money - Thats why we started Sentinel MN and focus on live-fire evals.